Kanye West Met Donald Trump And Went On Another Bizarre Rant

Kanye Trump

Even Trump was bored of this idiot.

Kanye West is well known for being a complete and utter weirdo who can speak for hours about nothing, so what do you think happens when he comes face to face with another man who never shuts up in his natural habitat?

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You might be surprised who wins the talking competition out of Kanye and the President of the United States, because judging by the clip below it’s Trump who took a backseat as Kanye decided to talk about everything and anything for a couple of minutes without ever really saying anything at all.

Check out his rant below where he covers everything from his Make America Great Again cap to his absent father to the manufacturing industry in Chicago. All in two minutes:

Oh Kanye. Please never change.

But honestly what the fuck did he say there? Did he even say anything? Is he permanently on ecstasy/coke? Could you imagine having dinner with Kanye West? I bet he wouldn’t even eat anything because he would be so busy talking about absolutely nothing. What a character.

I’m kinda gutted the video cut where it did as well because I would have loved to hear Trump’s response – just another tirade filled with meaningless buzzwords that wouldn’t relate to anything that Kanye had just said. In fairness it would be a difficult task to try and respond to whatever he was saying but I feel like Trump’s reply would be exceptional.

For more of the same, check him out going on another insane rant backstage at Saturday Night Live. Guy can’t get enough of himself.


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