Kanye West Lost All His Album Lyrics After His Daughter Flushed Them Down The Toilet


Turns out there’s another reason why Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo took so long to drop (aside from the constant name-changes) — his daughter flushed his iPhone containing all the lyrics down the toilet.

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Obviously Kanye is way too paranoid to back up his Notes on iCloud, and thought the lyrics were safe on his phone.

Kim explains:

Who knew that Kanye West has normal person problems just like the rest of us? What next, his car’s going to break down? Flush is going to stop working in the master bedroom? Just funny to learn that someone who considers himself an untouchable musical god can have his lyrics snatched and flushed down the toilet by a two-year-old. What’s even crazier is that Kanye West couldn’t find anyone to retrieve the files off the phone. Can’t even imagine the tantrum he threw after that one.

I like to think North West did it on purpose anyway, as payback for the time mum and dad dressed her up in a bulletproof vest.


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