Kanye West Is Going To Be On The Joe Rogan Experience

Kanye WestKanye West

Guaranteed to be completely crazy.

The Joe Rogan Experience remains one of the most popular podcasts out there and continues to attract the biggest name guests, even though Joe Rogan’s line of questioning normally just extends to him asking the celebrity opposite them what their experience with DMT is.

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The latest person lined up to appear on the show almost guarantees entertainment and a realistic chance of it becoming the most quoted episode of the show in history though. I am of course talking about the man who could literally spout absolute crap from his mouth for three hours and people would tune in and hang on his every word regardless, the one and only Kanye West.

Ye announced the news with the following tweet:

Unfortunately, that’s all the information we have about his appearance at this moment in time, but I imagine the show will probably be released before the month is up as there’s usually a pretty quick turnaround on this kind of stuff. Can’t wait to hear the batshit insanity that is sure to come out of his mouth during this episode. Gonna be a doozy.

For more Kanye West, check him out hanging out with Donald Trump and talking absolutely bollocks again. Definitely a trend forming there.


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