Kanye West Crashes Jimmy Kimmel, Rants About Religion & Tells Off Audience Member For Wearing Gucci

Kanye’s gonna Kanye.

Kanye West’s new album is out today and so he showed up on Jimmy Kimmel to let everyone know.

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For once Kanye was calm and composed throughout an entire TV appearance, but boy he definitely seems like he’s full-on embraced Jesus and Christianity and made some massive changes in his thought process and lifestyle, which looks like it’s going great for him. But I don’t know why that means he needs to sound like an RE teacher trying to convince the whole class that religion is cool:

The best part is how he calls out the lotto winner in the audience about wearing a Gucci jacket. The guy just won $298 million, let him wear his Gucci jacket in peace! He’s still getting used to having money in the bank.

From the clip they played at the end I’m actually a bit worried about this Kanye album. I haven’t listened to it yet but is it really going to be a bunch of church hymns and choir music or something? The tracklist would suggest so:

Pretty sure people would prefer it if he just rapped or did some 808s and Heartbreaks style madness again. Bring this Kanye back!

For the $3000 ‘Jesus Shoes’ that Kanye West is definitely annoyed that he didn’t create, click HERE. They’re filled with holy water (seriously).


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