Kanye West Is Being Sued By The Builder Who Was Remodeling His Home And The Allegations Are Insane



Kanye West is being sued by the contractor who has been remodeling his Malibu home, for essentially being the most annoying and tyrannical client in history.

As per TMZ, Ye is being sued by Tony Saxon, who claims Yeezy hired him back in September 2021 (which was peak crazy Kanye era) as project manager, caretaker and 24/7 security for the mogul’s Malibu property.

According to the lawsuit, Yeezy had Saxon working 16-hour days, sleeping on the floor, and eventually fired him over a disagreement about removing all the home’s windows and electricity (Saxon told him that would be dangerous, and West lost the plot on him.)

Kanye was apparently attempting to “live off the grid” and “hide from the government” in his $55million mansion, and even wanted to ‘poop through a hole in the floor’ rather than use modern toilets.

He also wanted to remove all the windows and electricity in an attempt to turn the place into a ‘1910s-style bomb shelter’. Tony Saxon claims:

“The man wanted to poop into a hole in the floor… He wanted to basically live in what at the beginning I thought was supposed to be just an art project.

I thought that he wanted to take out these windows and electricity, oxygen, so he could have this open concept living space that wasn’t necessarily meant for dwelling.

I was pretty sure this was just supposed to be something for an art piece or to go there from time to time and whatever.”

But instead, Kanye wanted to live in the property full-time, which made no sense at all.

“It’s pretty absurd to think that anybody… I mean the man wanted a shower outside, no plumbing, pooping into a hole in the floor.”

He wanted ramps instead of stairs in the home, and allegedly labelled Tony an “enemy” if he did not comply with his wishes. Eventually, when Tony said removing the electricity would be a hazard, he was reportedly told to “get the hell out” by the rapper.

Saxon also says Ye told him, “If you don’t do what I say, you’re not going to work for me, I’m not gonna be your friend anymore and you’ll just see me on TV.” He says he told Ye he didn’t watch TV and was fired on the spot.

Saxon is now taking Yeezy to court for various labour code violations and unpaid wages, plus damages. Now I don’t want to victim blame or anything because I’m sure this guy did go through hell working for Kanye. But at the end of the day, when a client asks you to remove all electricity and windows from their beachfront property, you should run a mile rather than stick around and sleep on the floor and then complain about it later.

This is 2021 Kanye we’re talking about – Kim had just left him, he was spending money like crazy, and his mental health issues were taking over. Tony Saxon had to have known what he was getting into by going into business with Kanye, surely?

Well anyway, Kanye will probably settle because he can afford to and Tony will walk away from this with a decent chunk of change. A small price to pay for sleeping on the floor of Kanye’s unfinished beachfront property and being terrorised by the man 24/7. All’s well that ends well.

For Kanye’s NSFW moment with new wife Bianca Censori on a Venice river boat, click HERE. Seems he’s doing a lot better these days.



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