It Looks Like Kanye West Is Headed For A Complete Meltdown (VIDEO)


He’s even turning on his fans now.

Fans at San Jose’s Golden 1 Centre in California have every reason to be annoyed after Kanye West showed up late, performed 2 songs, then went on a batshit crazy rant and left early.

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Kanye went on a mad rant about Donald Trump, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Mark Zuckerberg and himself.

He then dropped the mic and left the arena, even though many had spent $150 to watch him perform.

Understandably, the crowd erupted into a chant of “Fuck you Kanye”:

There is another way of looking at this though, and that’s that watching Kanye West go into an insane meltdown IS the show. His maniacal ranting is arguably more entertaining than his music so what’s the problem? Money well spent if you ask me.

Hopefully Kanye keeps on doing shit like this and people keep on buying tickets to watch it. It was only last week another live crowd booed him into oblivion after he admitted he would’ve voted for Donald Trump.


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