Kanye West Is Giving Kim Kardashian 10 Burger Kings As Her Wedding Present

Kanye West has big plans for his wife-to-be, and that includes turning her into an international businesswoman running a massive chain of Burger Kings.

No, not 10 Burger King burgers. 10 actual Burger King restaurants across the UK, Italy and France, turning his amateur porn/reality TV star wife-to-be into a super international businesswoman.

Everywhere you look online people are saying how ridiculous this is, not to mention funny, because Kim’s fat, and now she owns a chain of Burger King eateries. But underneath all the fat jokes is the fact that 10 Burger King restaurants is an awesome present for anyone. Burger King and fast food in general will never go out of style, it will never struggle no matter what the economy is like. So this is actually a genius investment for someone who can afford it. So yeah, what a shit gift! What self-respecting girl would want 10 Burger Kings as a wedding present? How about one who loves sitting on her massive butt and raking in a fuck ton of money?

Don’t get me wrong, I like ripping the piss out of Kanye/Kim as much as anyone, but this you can’t take the piss out of them for. This is a supreme mogul move and now all Kim K has to do is sit back and watch the millions pile up atop of her other millions. Bastards.

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