Kanye West Had A Bizarre Twitter Meltdown Last Night; Defends Bill Cosby Says Kim Is Locking Him Up

Is he OK?

Everyone was fairly concerned about Kanye West’s mental health yesterday after an appearance at a rally for his Presidential bid in Charleston, South Carolina where he essentially talked nonsense all the way through it.

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I speculated that it would probably be a while before he received any help or concern about what he was doing as he was surrounded by people who just let him do whatever he wanted, but it seems like this isn’t the case as Kanye tweeted a load of nonsense last night that was subsequently deleted. Critically in this, he said that Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner were coming to lock him up, which kinda implied that they were concerned about what he was getting up to and showed up, made him delete all his weird tweets and helped to sort him out.

The last two tweets here are the ones that are actually on his timeline now, all the others have been deleted:

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So it looks like all of this might have been a bizarre promo campaign for a new album that he’s dropping on Friday? I guess it’s got me more interested in any music that Kanye has produced in years and it is Kanye West so that isn’t totally out of the realms of possibility at all. Maybe all the random celebrities he mentioned are doing guest verses on it?

Alternatively, he could be really mentally ill and be having a full on breakdown. I guess it’s kinda hard to tell, but this probably won’t be the last update we have from him this week so at least we’ll know soon.

Here’s hoping he’s well and his new music isn’t terrible. He had some bangers back in the day.
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