Kanye West Just Debuted A Bizarre New Clothing Collaboration With PornHub


This is weird even for Kanye West.

In 2018 Kanye West can do what he wants and pretty much does that all the time 24/7, even if what he’s doing is the weirdest thing of all time. Which it frequently is.

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Up next is his collaboration clothing line with PornHub. Yeah, that’s right – Kanye West has designed some clothing with PornHub and believe me it’s even worse than whatever you could imagine. For a cool $75 ($75!!!) you can pick up one of these jumpers and maybe wear it once before everyone calls you out for being a complete dickhead and wearing such completely weird and obnoxious clothing:

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I mean it looks like they just made it on MS Paint and then stuck some dumb slogan on it that doesn’t even make sense. I can’t hep but think Kanye West is trolling us all with some of the crap he does but then he always seems so convinced of his genius no matter what field he expresses it in that I can’t help but think that he would think that this would be completely awesome as well? I dunno, it’s a weird one.

The story actually gets even dumber too because Kanye debuted this ‘clothing range’ last night at the first ever PornHub awards. He also served as creative director for this event. It’s almost like he literally imagines the dumbest things that he could be involved in and then goes out and creates them. I suppose that’s pretty much a skill in itself so we should respect that? I just don’t know what to think about Kanye West anymore.

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