Kanye West Has Announced He’s Done With Politics Forever After ‘Being Used’



I’m surprised that more celebrities don’t know that if they ever endorse a political candidate in any way shape or form then it’s going to lead to an absolute shit show from all the people that don’t like them, but I suppose Kanye West does what he wants whenever he wants and wasn’t going to care about that anyway.

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At least you would have thought that, but it turns out that Kanye – or Ye as he wants to be called now – is actually kinda upset about how the way his involvement with the Blexit campaign has been highlighted and manipulated by the media. I suppose he didn’t realise this because he’s too busy worrying about himself and not what anyone else is doing hey?

Anyway, he’s been so disheartened by the event that he’s now announced that he’s staying out of politics forever:

I mean, it’s about as coherent as anything he’s ever tweeted right? And also about as believable – pretty sure he’ll be back wearing his ‘Make America Great’ cap before long and ranting and raving about and at Donald Trump. The guy can’t help but be a contradiction in pretty much everything he ever does, so why would this be any different? Doubt he’ll ever change.

For more on the Blexit movement, click here. It’s really stupid.


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