Watch This Kangaroo Patiently Wait For Paraglider To Land So He Can Attack Him (VIDEO)

That’s one sneaky kangaroo.

An Australian paraglider named Jonathan Bishop pulled off a pretty perfect landing at the Orroral Valley Space Tracking Station the other day… except for the part where he’s landed in the path of a pissed off kangaroo.

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Here’s how that played out for him:

Pretty serious balls on that kangaroo, doesn’t he remember what happened the last time a kangaroo picked a fight with a human in a viral video? Here’s a reminder:

Yep, the kangaroo tried to choke out the human’s dog and ended up getting punched right in the face. In fact maybe the kangaroo had seen that video and that’s why it attacked Jonathan Bishop? Kangaroos just going around looking for humans to beat up as revenge for having their entire species humiliated in that one video. Pretty sure it won’t be long till the next kangaroo vs human video.

Until then, enjoy this footage of a kangaroo choking out another kangaroo MMA-style.


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