Kali Muscle Calls Out All Fitness Fanatics For A ‘Muscle Up’ Challenge

Kali Muscle

I don’t know who the hell Kali Muscle is but there is no way I’m taking him on in his muscle up challenge – I mean look at the guy.

I don’t know who this Kali Muscle guy is but there is absolutely no way I’m going to mess with him.

In this video, he’s telling everyone to go fuck themselves basically because he’s the strongest guy there is in the world and as he says ‘none of you pussy boys on the internet yapping your gums can do what I can. Go find your favourite bodybuilder, fitness guru, or crossfit specialist that’s weighs over 240lbs and see if they can do what I do.’

Kali then proceeds to show just exactly what he can do, and let me tell you it’s insane and I doubt that anyone could actually find anyone on the internet who can do what he can do. It’s even more impressive than the 19 year old shot putt world champion’s workout routine. Definitely steering clear of both of these guys.


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