Wayne Rooney And His 6-Year-Old Son Just Got Completely Fucking Terrorised By The Sun

Wayne Rooney

Leave the children out of it guys.

While Wayne Rooney was faffing about on the pitch last night during England vs. Iceland, his wife Coleen and son Kai were unfortunate enough to be in attendance.

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Following England’s loss, six-year-old Kai was pictured with his head in his hands and visibly upset.

You might not have known that though if The Sun hadn’t splashed it on their front page beside the savage blurb “Oh dad! What have Roo done?” and headline “Dumbs gone to Iceland”.


The Sun aren’t actually bastions of journalism but even still, people didn’t really appreciate it. Not least of all Kai’s mum:

Clearly Rooney was pretty poor last night, though I’m more annoyed with the manager not having the balls to take him off until 5 minutes from time, at which point Marcus Rashford got things moving, although it was too little, too late.

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