Justin Gaethje Is Reportedly Conor McGregor’s Next Opponent & They Could Be Fighting This Summer

It’s going down.

Justin Gaethje has been trolling Conor McGregor for months over McGregor ‘ducking’ him to fight Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone instead, but it looks like he may finally get his wish as MMA’s #1 journalist Ariel Helwani is reporting the fight is set to go ahead.

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Apparently it could be happening as soon as this summer:

Ariel said on his MMA show this week that preliminary talks are being held so it looks like this is the fight Dana White is working on as far as Conor McGregor goes.

Justin Gaethje’s manager however is denying it, although he could just be trying to wind up McGregor some more:

Ariel Helwani is usually spot on with this stuff so I think most people are trusting him over Abdelaziz. I mean this is the fight that everyone wants to see, right? They’ve got to sort something out sooner rather than later because everyone wants to see Conor McGregor stay active and in the mood for fighting like he promised he would be when he came back for Cerrone.

Gaethje is currently 21-2 to McGregor’s 22-4. Here’s some footage of him in action:

Reckon McGregor could take him on? It would be a hell of fight, that’s for sure.

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