Justin Bieber’s Dad’s Tweet About The Size Of His Dick Is All Kinds Of Wrong

Justin Bieber

Was this really necessary?

Yesterday, the internet was in shock as we finally saw a picture of Justin Bieber’s dick and it was actually pretty big.

We didn’t choose to cover this story because we didn’t want to print pictures of Justin Bieber’s dick on the site and because we don’t want to give that douchebag props (except when we’re trolling you all about it). I mean even though he’s allegedly suing the paparazzi that snapped them, there’s already enough rumours going around that he’s completely stoked that the secret is out and nobody can really accuse him of having a small pecker anymore. Well they can, but it would be instantly disproved now, the asshole.

Anyway, as you would expect everyone on the internet had an opinion about Bieber’s dick but one person we hadn’t heard from on the topic and didn’t really expect to ever hear from was Justin Bieber’s dad, Jeremy Bieber, who decided to weigh in on the debate (?) with this nugget earlier:

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Gross. Or should I be saying thanks to Jeremy Bieber for admitting that he looked at pictures of his son’s dick and gave his opinion about them on the internet?! I don’t even know what to say about this, it’s just a real WTF is going on moment.

I mean my mind is blown that anyone would think this is a normal reaction, surely you just don’t say anything about the subject so everyone doesn’t think you’re a really creepy weirdo and just let everyone draw their own conclusions about what you think?! Do you really need to declare to the world how proud you are of your son for having a big penis!? My mind is blown.

At least we still have the fact that the biggest penis in the world doesn’t belong to Bieber but instead to this guy, who is almost a bigger jerk than Bieber to be honest. Almost.


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