Justin Bieber Vs Slipknot: Psychosocial Baby

Nu metal meets Justin Bieber in a bizarre mashup that’s actually pretty awesome

Who would have thought that mixing a Justin Bieber song with a Slipknot song would actually be good? Probably not me. In fact, definitely not me. Although I’m not actually sure if I’ve ever actually heard a full Justin Bieber song so maybe my opinion isn’t valid (like it was before har har har), but here are Sick Chirpse we are definitely fans of his private life and the fact that he looks like a lesbian before and after he gets a haircut. I don’t think much has been said on the site yet about my quasi love of ridiculous nu metal (is Slipknot nu metal?? Big debate there), except a half assed article I wrote about Mudvayne when the site first started way back towards the end of November 2010. Can you believe it’s been almost five whole months?

Anyway, in case you were having trouble keeping up, I’m kinda into nu metal (the hits anyway) and I’m definitely into Slipknot. Some genius thought it would be a rad idea to mash up Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ and Slipknot’s ‘Psychosocial’ and arguably came up with a version that is better than both originals. I’m not even joking. It’s actually completely sick. It’s even got an awesome name – ‘Psychosocial Baby’ – you know that’s hip. Definitely check it out as soon as you can by watching the video below:

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