Justin Bieber Is Now Rocking A Man Bun

Justin Bieber Man Bun

It had to happen.

It seemed like Justin Bieber was almost on his way to turning over a new leaf and becoming a fan favourite, rather than the dickhead everyone thought he was this time last year. Everyone seemed to be digging his new album, he hasn’t REALLY been as much of a dick recently as he has been in the past, and general public opinion amongst adults towards him seemed to be changing.

But then he did this. Yes, his hair has been pretty long and weird for a while, but I figured he was just growing it out. I didn’t think that he was growing it out so that he could wrap it up into a man bun – I guess I should have known better though, because it looks like that was exactly what he was doing.

Over the weekend, Bieber attended Sean Penn’s fundraiser for Haiti and had his hair like this. Jesus:

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Justin Bieber Man Bun

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Ugh. Just when he was so close to turing it around this is going to do a hell of a lot to re-convince people that he is actually a complete and utter twat. Unlucky.

Hopefully he can get attacked by these South African guys who went around cutting off unsuspecting hipster’s top knots off a while ago.


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