Justin Bieber Was Filmed Going On A Bizarre Rant In Glasgow This Weekend (VIDEO)


“I am not a robot.”

It must be tough being Justin Bieber as literally everywhere you go you have people screaming at you and asking for hugs, and it seems like this has really been getting to him during his current UK tour as it’s been populated with various weird on stage rants.

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The latest of these came last night in Glasgow where Justin paced around the stage trying to explain what he was doing in his life and why he walked off stage a week or so ago in Manchester. Apparently at the Manchester show he was frustrated by the fact that the fans kept screaming and wouldn’t let him talk and this led to his meltdown, and he was trying to articulate this on stage in Glasgow.

Unfortunately for him, Bieber isn’t really that good at improvised speeches and just kind of went on a long rambling monologue that didn’t really go anywhere that included a line where he said that he wasn’t a robot and another one where he said his true ‘purpose’ was to remind that everyone out their has their own ‘purpose’. This is the ‘Purpose’ world tour after all:

I mean it kinda sounds like he’s lost the plot there. It’s kinda cool that he wants to promote a positive mental attitude and use his platform to do that, but it just kinda seems like making vague rambling speeches like that isn’t really going to achieve anything and just confuse people.

As cliche and robotic as it sounds, it’s probably better to actually write it out beforehand and practice delivering it to make it more inspiring. Maybe even get a pro speechwriter involved or something – it’ll make it a lot better. As it is I just feel kinda sorry for Bieber. Yeah I said it.

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