Justin Bieber Shows Love For His Fans By Punching A Minor In The Face (VIDEO)


Lights out.

It’s part and parcel of being a celebrity that you’re going to have to deal with some pretty obnoxious fans every now and again, but it’s pretty rare that you see a celebrity straight up retaliate to an asshole fan by punching them in the face.

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Justin Bieber isn’t your typical celebrity though is he? He pretty much does whatever he wants, whenever he wants and in the video below, you see him on the way to a gig in Barcelona when some weird fan tries to grab him in the face. Bieber is literally having none of it – lights out buddy:

I think I’m probably on Justin Bieber’s side on this one. The guy isn’t even just going for a high five or something. He literally looks as if he’s just put his hand all over Bieber’s face like he’s trying to stink face him and that really isn’t that cool. Fair play to Biebs for whacking him, although I suppose if you’re gonna drive around places like that with the window down then you’re kind of asking for that behaviour really aren’t you?

For more Justin Bieber punching people, check out this video of him getting battered after he threw a punch at a guy outside a hotel in Cleveland. Not so tough now.


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