Another Day, Another Video Of Justin Bieber Picking A Fight With Someone Bigger Than Him

Bieber vs. the world.

Justin Bieber fancies himself as a bit of a hard nut these days, and true to form he was well up for a punch-up on the ice the other day.

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TMZ claims that the man with the number 23 on his back broke Bieber’s stick while tackling him near the goal, and Bieber was pissed about it.

In fact he was ready to fight the whole team:


Well I don’t know where Bieber’s bodyguards were or why they didn’t immediately pummel that guy when he broke Bieber’s stick, but it really looked like he was up for a scrap there.

OK chances are it was your classic fake hard man “hold me back” move and he didn’t really want to fight at all, but remember he did actually full on punch a fan in the face the other day. What’s he so pissed about recently?


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