Justin Bieber And Kanye West Will Each Get 500,000 Gummy Dicks Delivered To Them On April Fool’s Day

Justin Bieber Kanye West Bag Of Dicks

This is a genius bit of marketing.

You might have heard about the new mail order service where you can send gummy dicks to your enemies anonymously in the mail – surprisingly we didn’t feature it, not sure why – and as if their basic business model wasn’t already perfect, they’ve come up with another genius piece of marketing to celebrate April Fool’s Day.

For the last few weeks, the company has been presenting a free offer for anyone who purchases a bag of dicks – for no extra charge they also ship a bag of dicks to Kanye West or Justin Bieber (it’s your choice) on April Fool’s Day. Unsurprisingly, hardly anyone said no to the idea to annoy those two douchebags, and both of them are currently set to receive over around half a million bags of gummy dicks tomorrow morning. Whilst they’re no doubt delicious, even with houses as big as Kanye and Bieber probably have they’re going to be a little annoying to store and sort out.

Lucky for them they employ slaves to do that kind of thing though I suppose. Still, you can’t deny what an excellent marketing ploy this is from the Ship A Bag Of Dicks team. Props, and if it’s not too late order a bag of dicks for your worst enemy for tomorrow too. Or if you have the right set of circumstances, try out the best April Fool’s prank ever again.


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