Justin Bieber Fans Are Paying $2000 For A Meet And Greet With A Cardboard Cutout


The limits of adulation that Justin Bieber fans will go to have been revealed today with the realisation that some of them are actually paying $2000 for a meet and greet with a cardboard cutout of the man himself.

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Well, kinda. It’s actually a remarkable burn on the Beliebers by Bieber and his management company/promoters/whoever is in charge of these meet and greets because what he’s doing is actually completely and utterly unfair and outrageous.

Beliebers were originally charged $2000 for a meet and greet with the actual Justin Bieber and not a cardboard cutout of him. Unfortunately, after a few of them Justin decided that they were making him sad and so decided that he didn’t want to attend them anymore.

Fair enough I suppose – just offer all the guys who paid $2000 a refund and although they’ll be really upset they didn’t get to meet you, I’m sure they would eventually get over it. Wrong – the fans can’t get a refund for the meet and greet without losing out on their ticket to the concert as well. Not cool.

Fans $2000 Picture With Justin Bieber]

So effectively they’ve got three options: get a refund for $2000 but miss the Justin Bieber show, just attend the Justin Bieber show for $2000, or really get their money’s worth and get a picture with a cardboard cut out of Justin Bieber and then attend the show for $2000. Jesus.

As you can see from the pictures in this article, some people still actually decided to turn up and get their picture with the cardboard cutout. How are people still happy to call themselves Beliebers after this stunt, and still go through with the ignominy of actually getting a picture with a cardboard cutout? I guess Bieber really is God when he can pull this off and not have an insane hate campaign surrounding it.

And to think Justin Bieber was doing so well trying to turn his image around recently, until a couple of recent slips. Oh well, guess he’s back to being the asshole we all love to hate – only this time he’s got a half decent record out so everyone’s probably gonna forget about most of the dumb crap he does all the time.


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