Justin Bieber Is Releasing A Deep House Track


It was inevitable because Justin Bieber is pretty much the new Madonna – always striving to stay hip with the latest music crazes.

Justin Bieber has been fairly quiet recently, ever since he got busted for having a drag race in Miami whilst he was stoned and drunk really. Most people have been disappointed because whenever he shows up he’s doing something stupid and it’s great to laugh at him about it, but I’m sure a few people were pretty happy we haven’t had to hear from the little dickmunch in a while.

So where’s he been? It turns out he’s been working on the song you’ve all been waiting for – a deep house track. Evidence came from his Instagram account yesterday, where he posted up a short video of his whiney vocals over a watery house beat, from what looks like the studio he’s been recording it in.

We presume Bieber got this tattoo after hearing the backlash to his Instagram video:

Bieber Tattoo

Wow – what a teaser I can’t wait to hear the full track is probably what nobody on the planet is saying right now except for all those useless Beliebers out there. Or it might just be a remix of another one of his classic pop bangers, who knows. One things for sure though – it’s coming, and you’re probably never going to hear the last of it. Unfortunately.


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