Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez isn’t the Mum. SHOCK! He lasted 30 seconds NON SHOCK!

Justin Bieber

Last night, Twitter feeds around the world were going mental with news that Justin Bieber could possibly be a father. It is alleged that the king of Youtube ended up slammin’ one of his girl fans backstage at one of his gigs, way back in October 2010. It’s reported that Bieber told Mariah Yeater that it was his first time, and that he wanted to ‘feel everything’ (shudder), so refused to strap up. After an apparent 30 second blast (literally) the deed was done and the two parted. Nine months later, Yeater ends up giving birth, and apparently didn’t sleep with anyone else during the period of her fumble with Bieber.

One word Bieber…. SHEEEEEET!

I guess this stuff goes on all the time, and this whole thing could all just be a nasty ploy to scam some money from innocent Bieber. Who knows. Either way, you gotta love the fact that his first time has been documented, and boy I bet there’s going to be some not-too-pleasant hate jibes flying over the interweb today. You know, like from this girl:

Still, I’m not sure how you can get someone pregnant when your balls haven’t even dropped. Turns out Justin Bieber’s balls HAVE dropped!

[Via the Daily Mail]


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