Justin Bieber Just Made A Really Creepy Comment To All The 14-Year-Old Girls At His Concert (VIDEO)

You what mate?

Following the outrageous move he pulled earlier in the week where he asked his Instagram followers to identify a random girl he wanted to fuck, Justin Bieber made some somewhat sexually suggestive comments to the thousands of 14-year-old girls in attendance at a charity gig he was playing at the other night.

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Bieber began by asking the audience their ages, and then asked about 13 and 14-year-olds specifically. He actually had to count on his fingers before declaring that those who were 14 had “four more years” before turning 18 — wink wink.

Watch below:

At least he clocked on to his clanger at the end there. Who ever said the Biebs wasn’t self-aware?

Come on Justin, you were dropping such profound quotes on us only a year ago.


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