Justin Bieber Broke His Foot While Playing Football In An Everton Kit Last Weekend

Justin Bieber

Good news.

Justin Bieber today confirmed rumours that he had broken his foot during his New Year’s Eve getaway to Turks and Caicos with Hailey Baldwin and her friends for New Year’s Eve.

The break came during a pickup football match at Bieber’s private resort at Parrot Cay island between the staff and the guests, which Bieber’s team unsurprisingly won and in which he scored a goal – he seems way too excited about it if you check the picture below which was posted on Christie Brinkley’s Instagram account especially when you think that the staff probably deliberately lost the game.

I remember my first goal too though so his joy is understandable – although we shouldn’t be surprised he’s good at football because there was that one time when he trained with Barcelona. There’s also a picture of him messing up his leg and getting treatment from a physio. Soft.

Justin Bieber Breaks Foot

We were first alerted to Justin’s potential break after he sent the following tweet at the weekend, but the actual break was only confirmed yesterday via his Facebook page and a picture. Damn, that doesn’t look so good.

However, as you might expect with Justin Bieber, the broken foot wasn’t enough to keep him off his feet and out of the club that night. He ended up heading down to Brinkley’s ‘after hours’ party (re: post 9pm) at a place called The Lucky Club where he proceeded to get his picture taken with a bunch of girls like Sailor Brinkley Cook, who for some reason refers to Bieber as ‘Dad’.

Don’t ask us why – we really don’t want to know.


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