Junkie Begs Stranger To Piss In A Bottle For Him So He Can Carry On Claiming Benefits (VIDEO)

You have to appreciate this guy’s hustle.

Obviously being on welfare / benefits is no joke, but you’d be forgiven for finding this video of a junkie trying to obtain a stranger’s piss just a little bit funny.

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The guy seemingly needs to pass a piss test in order to carry on collecting welfare, but the man he’s asking isn’t really up for assisting.

Watch below:

You know, in a way, you could argue this guy is really out there earning his welfare cheque. Trying to convince a random stranger to piss in a bottle for you is tough work. Almost like a full-time job one might say. OK yeah he probably spent the last few weeks before this cracked out off his face in a park somewhere, but at least now he’s trying. And that’s all we can really ask off benefits claimants; that they try.

To watch another video (also from Aus) of an annoying junkie getting ejected from a house party, click HERE.


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