Julio Munoz is a 37 year old base jumper from Chile. For his latest stunt he rides a motorbike off a 4000m cliff in the Andes.


Julio Munoz is a crazy base 37 year old base jumper from Chile. At the weekend for his latest stunt, he rode a motorbike off the cliff of a 4000m high mountain in the Andes. The mountain was so inaccessible that Julio Munoz had to use a helicopter to get up there. Once up there, he rode the motorbike off a specially constructed ramp, then did some flips and then opens his parachute about 200m from the ground. Pretty extreme right? Apparently the stunt cost $100,000 to stage, although I’m not really sure what that could have been spent on – surely the construction of a ramp, a helicopter ride and a motorbike don’t cost that much? Even when you add the cost of the 14 combined cameras used to film the event it probably doesn’t cost that much right? Maybe it went on Julio Munoz’s life insurance policy right?

Anyway, Munoz himself states this is only the first of many projects in a series called ‘Project B.A.S.E. Los Andes’ – a project which he hopes will prove to people that ‘Chile is a good place for base jumping.’ If this one is the only the first, I’ll be looking forward to the rest.


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