Judge Rinder Clip Goes Viral After Defendant’s Dog Shags A Cat And Leaves It Traumatised


Judge Rinder is one of the staples of day time television in this country, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clip from his show go viral until this one started doing the rounds on Facebook last night.

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The quite incredible footage sees a woman and her husband take another woman into the courtroom to complain about the fact that her dog tried to shag her cat and has left said cat traumatised and on medication for anxiety and depression. I suppose that’s an understandable reaction there from the cat.

However, whilst that story is pretty hilarious and weird in itself (OK, a bit sad too), the reaction of the dog owner to the cat’s plight takes this up to the next level. Take a look for yourself below:

Not sure whether to laugh or cry about that. Whilst Sandra’s reaction of clearly not giving a shit about how badly she’s upset the other two is kinda funny, it’s also kinda heartless because it appears like this incident has really affected the cat and her two owners. Brutal.

On the flipside of that, I’m not sure if her apologising to a couple of people she doesn’t even know or like is gonna do anything to help the situation so I suppose you can question why she would even want or need to do that. Who knows?

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