Judge Awards Carole F-cking Baskin Control Over Joe Exotic’s Zoo

Joe Exotic is never going to financially recover from this.

Tiger King is barely 3 months old but already feels like forever ago. Even still, Netflix will be licking their lips at this latest development as Joe Exotic’s arch nemesis Carole Baskin has this week been granted control of Exotic’s zoo properties in Oklahoma, after a judge found they were fraudulently transferred to avoid paying a $1 million trademark judgment.

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As per Courthouse News, US District Judge Scott L. Palk ruled that Big Cat Rescue “has sufficiently traced funds to allow for the imposition of a constructive trust” under state law regarding the 16.4-acre Wynnewood property formerly owned by Exotic.

The 11-page order states:

Big Cat Rescue’s constructive trust and equitable lien in and to the buildings shall survive any physical or title transfer of the building and shall follow any proceeds, except as to a good faith purchased for value.

Wow. Joe Exotic is never going to mentally (or financially) recover from this. Just imagine how pissed off he is right now hearing this news in prison. Joe and Carol have been hell-bent on destroying each other’s lives for years, and this is surely the biggest L he could have taken from her after already being put behind bars.

Have to admit, as crazy as the Tiger King documentary made her look, I think it’s fair to say the way Carol Baskin treats animals is 1000x better than the way Joe Exotic would treat them, so this isn’t the worst outcome in the world. Certainly seems to feed them better quality meat (allegedly). Maybe she’ll empty the zoo out completely and let the tigers roam in her sanctuary instead? No doubt they’ll be much happier there. Also no doubt we haven’t heard the last out of the Joe Exotic/Carol Baskin beef either.

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