Watch Josh Sheehan Enter The Record Books With The World’s First Triple Backflip On A Motorcycle

Josh Sheehan Triple Backflip

He joins the ranks of other motorbike legends like, um, Evil Knievil.

I don’t know much about motorbike stunts but I’ll remember the name of Josh Sheehan after this incredible trick that he just nailed.

It took over one year in planning and preparation but he finally scored a triple backflip on a motorbike at Pastranaland over the weekend.

There isn’t really much more to say about this video other than the fact that it’s a massively impressive feat of skill and balls because you’re pretty much going to die if you mess it up. Props.

Apparently if you enjoyed that then you can go see Josh do it live in the flesh as he’s touring the US and Europe soon too. Probably won’t be travelling to see it, but if it’s nearby then yeah sure. Hopefully Darius Khashabi will be there too because he’s also known for some crazy stunts too.

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