Josef Fritzl Says That He’s A Good Person Who Receives Hundreds Of Love Letters From Women


I haven’t really thought about Josef Fritzl for some time now, but as soon as his name is mentioned I instantly feel completely rank and a shiver goes up my spine after thinking about what he did to his daughter Elisabeth for 24 years.

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Despite the fact that 87 year old Fritzl is currently serving a life sentence for imprisoning his daughter in a soundproof room underneath his house and raping her thousands of times throughout that period – fathering seven incestuous children as a result of it too – the guy is still insisting that he’s ‘a responsible family man’. The psychopath has been working on a book titled ‘The Abysses of Josef F’ with his lawyer Astrid Wagner’ and some of the passages have been obtained and printed in local newspapers, revealing that he really doesn’t feel any remorse for any of his crimes (this isn’t the actual text, just various lines from the book):

I’m a good person and a responsible family man.

I receive hundreds of letters, mostly from women who are in love with me.

I still can’t understand why my wife Rosemarie left me.

I’ve fathered a number of illegitimate children all over the world. Several with an Indian women and one African son who is now a respected lawyer.

I’ve befriended a man who murdered sex workers in prison who cooks meals for me, but I can’t eat too much as I don’t want to get fat.

I have to avoid going in the prison yard as there are a few prisoners just waiting to be able to beat me up.

I would love to spend the last few years of my life in freedom, of course.  I would like to move back to Amstetten and perhaps set up a small business there.

What a weird set of statements to want to write into a book, although I suppose it’s doubtful if it will ever see the light of day given how controversial the subject matter would be. I guess that reading it could give us an insight into the mind of a serial killer and why he chose to carry out his depraved actions, but I’m not sure if anyone really needs to read that except maybe top criminal psychologists and criminologists or whatever. Guess we’ll see if it makes it onto anyone’s Christmas list this year. And if it does we may need to monitor them.

Also most of what he’s written there is completely deluded, but I think it’s legitimately insane for him to think he could move back to his hometown and start up a business there? Read the room dude, seriously.

For more of the same, check out this horror film that was based on Fritzl’s case. Pretty grim and not sure why it needed to be made to be honest.


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