Jordan Pickford Has The Dumbest Message Inscribed On His Football Boots

Jordan pickford


Jordan Pickford might look like he wouldn’t be able to get into a school disco, but over the summer he proved himself as a true colossus in the England goal as he played a very important part in guiding the national football team to the semi finals of the World Cup.

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Whilst his actions on the pitch might make many of us forget that he’s only 24 years old, it seems like he’s destined to remind us of his young age with his actions off them by revealing what he’s decided to get inscribed on his football boots. Some players might put the names of their wives or kids or some kind of motivational quote to take with them onto the field, but instead Jordan Pickford has decided to opt for this:

What an inspiration. I suppose Jordan Pickford can’t go out raving too much because of his celebrity status and his choice of career means he probably isn’t best suited to dropping pills and bopping around until 6am every weekend, so it’s cool that he can take the rave spirt onto the field and embody that feeling of unbridled joy when he’s playing. It’s just a shame literally everyone in the world is probably going to laugh at him about it – although I reckon getting a pair of signature Pickford boots would probably go down pretty well at your local astroturf.

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