Johnny Cage Returns In Mortal Kombat XI With A Brand New Look

Jonny Cage

He’s back.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Mortal Kombat is one of the most brilliant and innovative beat em up games of all time, and it doesn’t look like they’ve any plans to slow down with the upcoming 11th instalment of the video game classic.

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I doubt the action is going to vary too differently from previous games, there are just gonna be a bunch of different characters, bone shattering special moves and insanely brutal fatalities. One character who is confirmed to return for the new game is original hero Johnny Cage.

The ridiculous movie star – who was originally based on Jean Claude Van Damme – has an updated version of his character in the game and they’ve just released a trailer for his new moves featuring a bunch of dumb one liners, chainsaws, acting awards and clacker boards. Check out the ridiculousness below:

Damn I dunno what those green and yellow things he fires out of his hands are but he looks like one tough customer doesn’t he? Kinda disappointed it doesn’t look like he does that dumb move where he goes down and does the splits and punches you in the balls, but it looks like there’s enough going on with him that he’s hardly going to be your last choice when you’re picking your character.

Game is out on April 23rd. Until then, check out some more of the fatalities . Completely ridiculous.


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