22-Year-Old Goes Viral For Absolute BABE On His Arm – Unfortunately For Him, It’s His Mum

MILF problems.

The NY Post shared this story about a 22-year-old man who accidentally went viral after posting pictures of himself with his mum online.

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Jonathan Nguyen, from Los Angeles, posted the images on Facebook, basically being all like “check out my hot mum!”, explaining his mum’s diet and exercise regime are the secrets behind her youthful looks.

He lamented the fact that dudes his age are always hitting on his mum – probably won’t help that you’ve just shared a bunch of pictures of her online mate.

Having a young Asian mom is great until you see someone your age shooting their shot at her.

Very much a good news/bad news situation for Jonathan here as going super viral is pretty much every 22 year old from LA’s dream. Going viral with an absolute babe on your arm? Even better.

Unfortunately when that babe turns out to be your mum things can get a little bit awkward. Here’s some of the reaction online:

Calm down there, Matt Smith.

Anyway, since all this went down, Jonathan has tried taking advantage of his newfound internet fame by advertising his hunky Asian body on Instagram, possibly in a quest to shag other people’s mums?

Too little, too late Jonathan. You’ll now always be known as the guy who went viral for sharing photos of himself with his hot mum on Facebook. The internet never forgets.

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