Jonah Hill Has Written And Directed An Ode To His Skateboarding Youth In ‘Mid 90s’

It was a different time.

Most people know that Jonah Hill was big into skateboarding when he was growing up and with that in mind it’s no surprise really that he’s decided to write and direct this move called ‘mid 90s’ which pretty much looks like an ode to his childhood.

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The movie centers around a young skateboarder called Stevie, a teenager growing up in the mid 90s in Los Angeles. After hooking up with a new crew of boarders, Stevie gets to experience all the stuff that happened when you were growing up in the mid 90s, so you know – smoking weed, girls, playing video games, skateboarding, driving around doing nothing, hanging out at the mall, fighting etc – and it actually looks like it’s gonna be pretty damn good from the trailer too:

Told you it looked good right? Kinda looks like Kids but without all the gratuitous sex and violence that made that movie so notorious when it first came out 20 years ago or whatever. I guess this version will probably be a bit more tasteful and not as hardhitting, but all in all it’s probably going to end up being a better movie. Reckon Jonah Hill probably knows how to make a powerful story after all the movies he’s been.

For more Jonah Hill, check out his top seven favourite skate parts from when he was a kid. Wonder if any of these are in Mid 90s.


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