Jon Stones Completely Rinsed The Colombian Team After England Won On Penalties

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Everyone knows that England won their first ever penalty shootout at a World Cup yesterday and everyone celebrated this fact last night – the nation was on fire.

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With all the celebrations though, you might have missed a classic World Cup moment from Jon Stones following the dramatic penalty shootout win. The Colombian team were absolute shithouses during the game, constantly fouling the English team and engaging in unsportsmanlike tactics to try and gain an advantage over us, including scuffing the penalty spot for ages before Harry Kane had to take his penalty.

With this in mind, Jon Stones made sure to look at their pain and anguish and celebrate right in their faces after Eric Dier converted the winning penalty. Get a load of this:

Like LW says, that pretty much sums up the entire nation and how we felt about Colombia after last night. So glad that Jon Stones decided to put that into a meme for us. Shout out to Harry Maguire for giving it a good effort too. This World Cup really is the gift that keeps on giving.

For more of the same, check out Ross Kemp’s mental coked up reaction to the penalty shootout win yesterday. It’s coming home brother.


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