Johnny Depp’s Defamation Trial Against Amber Heard Has Been Delayed Until 2022

Big blow for Johnny.

Bad news for all you Johnny Depp stans out there – and judging by the comments on previous posts, there are a hell of a lot of you – as his defamation trial against Amber Heard has been delayed until early 2022, meaning he won’t have a chance to clear his name until then.

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A judge already ruled that Depp was guilty of beating up Amber Heard in his failed defamation trial against The Sun, but he’s appealing that decision at the moment as well. His team had hoped that the case against Heard could help with this, but it seems like this will be the other way round now, as the trial has been pushed from its original start date of May 7th to some time in 2022 – the earliest date that a civil jury trail is available is apparently April.

The reasons given for the trial’s delay is the same reason that’s being given for everything else getting delayed these days: coronavirus. I guess that does actually make sense though as the courts were closed for a bit at the start of the pandemic and it is actually a lot more difficult to actually have in court sessions at the moment.

Criminal trials are also understandably being prioritised at this time too and the May 7th slot was given to a murder trial where the defendant is already behind bars. Can’t really argue with that.

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This is going to be a major blow for Depp as he seeks to clear his name and argues that he was the victim in his marriage to Heard and not the other way round. Not really sure why he’s even bothering to pursue this as it seems very clear that he’s probably going to lose and it’s going to cost him a shitload of money, but I suppose it’s pretty horrible to be labelled an abuser when you don’t think that you are.

Maybe he should just come to the realisation that he is though after a judge ruled that he beat up Amber Heard on at least ten different occasions. Just saying.

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