Johnny Depp Has Bizarrely Posed Behind Bars To Accept His Best Actor Award


Johnny Depp hasn’t had the best time of it recently after he was judged to have beaten up Amber Heard a number of times in his recent defamation trial against The Sun, but he might have found some respite from the fact that he was recently received an award at the Cameraimage Festival in Poland for ‘Actor with Unique Visual Sensitivity’ – whatever that means.

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To be honest I’m kinda surprised that anyone is even giving Depp awards at the moment as it’s sure to piss at least one set of people off, but I guess the Cameraimage festival just couldn’t contain themselves over his portrayal of wartime photographer W. Eugene Smith in ‘Minamata’. I guess the Poles aren’t exactly big on feminism at the moment either so maybe that was another reason why.

Anyway, even if Depp was stoked to receive the award, his acceptance photograph revealed that his mental state is still a bit all over the place as he shared a picture of him behind bars with the festival’s golden frog:

Yeah, that isn’t too healthy a look there from Depp, but I guess you would feel a bit like you’re in jail if you just got fired from your movie franchise and the whole world thinks you’re a wife beater but you’re adamant that you aren’t and Amber Heard was just as bad if not worse. It’s possible he might be able to lay those demons to rest when he goes head to head with Heard in their court case next year, but after this year’s ruling it seems he’ll be struggling to clear his name for the rest of his life.

You would be a bit fragile in that situation, although you can probably also argue that it’s one of his own making and he deserve it. Guess we’ll see how it pans out.

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