The John Wick TV Show Won’t Be Released Until Late 2021


John Wick: Chapter Three may only just have been released, but following the cliffhanger ending people are already clamouring for the fourth instalment of the popular action franchise as well as the much vaunted television show.

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Unfortunately, it seems like we’re going to have to wait a very long time for either of those things though. John Wick: Chapter Four is confirmed for a release date of 21 May 2021 but it was hoped that the TV show might arrive before that. Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch had the following to say about that though:

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My sense is that where we are today, the movie date (John Wick 4) has been set but we’re still in early development on the series so [it will air] most likely after.

Regarding Keanu’s role, that’s a really good question that I’m not going to answer. No answer is as good a tease you’re going to get.

It’s a great franchise, we’re excited about bringing that show to the network.

Well, that’s exciting but still kinda a bummer that we’re going to have to wait pretty much two years before we get any more new John Wick content. Great that we’re gonna get the movie and hopefully the TV show in the same year though. At least that’s something.

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