This Ultra Chav Beat A Dog Up For 30 Minutes Until It Was Literally Urinating Blood


Absolutely disgusting.

It seems like every now and then man’s best friend gets the rough end of the stick and this story is no different as some absolutely bellend is standing accused of beating the shit out of a dog so badly that it urinated blood.

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It’s being alleged that a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named ‘Bam’ bit John McLellan on the nose before McLellan retaliated by launching an attack that went on for 30 minutes. Apparently the attack was so severe that a neighbour could hear continuous thuds and yelping through a wall.

A vet has examined Bam and stated that his injuries were consistent with being kicked ferociously and repeatedly. His abdomen and testicles were injured and he is still receiving treatment four months on after he urinated blood.

McLellan is currently attending a hearing at Teesside Magistrate’s Court, accused of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. He’s admitted to the charge but has argued that the attack is nowhere near as bad as the RSPCA is alleging.


His lawyer is arguing that Bam would be even more screwed up if it had happened like they said after they state the following:

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This is not an impulsive one-off attack. It was a prolonged attack. [Bam] couldn’t sit down and he was very sore.

It’ll be up to a judge to determine if that’s true after they hear evidence from Bam’s owner Denise Jaffray on December 6th. Either way, it sounds like McLellan is a real piece of work if he admitted beating up the dog, no matter how bad the beating itself actually was. Here’s hoping he gets what’s coming to him.

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