John McAfee’s Wife Has Released His Alleged Suicide Note; Claims That It’s Fake

This is so suspicious.

We haven’t focussed too much on John McAfee’s ‘alleged’ suicide over the past couple of weeks because there wasn’t much information released about it and you know, it was supposed to be coming home, but now McAfee’s widow has shared his suicide note and claimed that it’s completely and utterly fake things have been turned up another notch.

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Janice McAfee took to Twitter (obviously) to share a picture of the note and speak about her concerns regarding its validity. You can’t really make out everything that it says as a lot of it is scratched out, but the lines ‘I am a phantom parasite’ and ‘I want to control my future, which does not exist’ are clearly visible:

Yeah I don’t think anyone really believed that John McAfee actually committed suicide, but this is just even more evidence that something fishy is going on. It doesn’t sound like Janice is going to let it rest any time soon, so hopefully one day we find out the truth. Feel like that’s easier said than done though to be honest. We’ll keep you up to date.

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