John McAfee Has Been Arrested For Wearing A Thong Face Mask At The Airport

John McAfee is at it again.

There’s never a dull moment in the life of tech tycoon John McAfee, and the 74-year-old antivirus millionaire has proven it again this week by managing to get himself arrested after refusing to take off his thong face mask at the airport.

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Here’s the story in 10 Tweets (taken over halfway through by John’s wife Janice McAfee – since he was busy being detained and all):

As you might have guessed – John McAfee is an anti-masker. Which I guess isn’t too surprising although you’d think someone who’s famous for creating literal antivirus software would know better. Thought I guess he’s always been a bit of a lunatic and clearly even at 74 doesn’t feel as though he’s too old to be getting himself in trouble.

Then again I’m not messing with anyone who got off a murder charge in Costa Rica, not to mention all the other drama he’s been involved in. Remember this weird video?

If you haven’t seen the John McAfee documentary called ‘Gringo’, I suggest you make time to check it out. It’s exhilarating.


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