John Fury ‘Apologises’ For Comments About Jake Paul’s GF, Threatens To ‘Bury’ Eddie Hearn

I guess you can call that an apology.


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Well, I guess you can call that an apology. John Fury says sorry to anyone who was offended by his crass comments about Jake Paul’s girlfriend at last week, but also clarifies he’s not going to stop talking like that because that’s just how 57-year-old gypsy boxers roll. Think that’s a pretty fair compromise really, don’t you?

As for Eddie Hearn, here are the comments John Fury was addressing:

I thought it was disgusting to be honest with you. You’ve got the younger generation watching that… Even, actually, for one time I felt a little bit for Frank Warren because I’ve been there on a much less cringe stage with KSI and Logan Paul. Frank was embarrassed. The language is terrible. I like beef, I love it, but for me it’s a bad look.

It was disgusting, it was tasteless, the language was terrible – but me saying that it’s ‘Oh it’s Eddie, it’s just because he’s not involved in the event’. I am over the moon that I am not involved in that. Trust me.

The fight’s not bad, I don’t mind it, but the production and everything was so bad. It’s a bad look for boxing, BT knows that and Frank knows that, we know that – but it’s none of my business.

Hard to disagree really. Big John basically saying the Fury family were going to run a train on Jake Paul’s girlfriend was slightly on the excessive side. Like Fury says though, it’s the fight game and it’s good to spice things up a little bit. BT Sport also apologised for Fury’s comments; let’s hope he didn’t cost Tyson or Tommy any sponsorship deals.


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