John Cena Suffered A Completely BRUTAL Broken Nose Live On RAW Last Night (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Seth Rollins smashed him in the nose with a knee, breaking his nose instantly.

One of the dangers of being a pro wrestler is that all it takes is a little mistake from you or your opponent and you can get well and truly busted up. Whilst this rarely actually happens because most of them are consummate, trained professionals, there is the occasion every now and again when it does and sometimes it even happens on live TV. Unfortunately in that situation, there’s no getting out of it early and the hurt participant has to grin and bear it as they attempt to play out the storyline and finish the match.

This is exactly what happened last night on RAW when Seth Rollins was fighting John Cena for the United States heavyweight championship. Rollins absolutely nailed Cena in the nose with a knee to the face, completely and utterly busting it open. Being the ultimate pro that he is though (hustle, loyalty and respect yo), Cena managed to power through the match, even though he was close to passing out following the shot.

You can check out highlights of the match below, including the nose break which happens about halfway through:

You can also check out a gallery of Cena’s broken nose after the fight on the slideshow below (use the arrow keys to swipe left or right). Be warned though – it looks BUSTED in some of them, although probably not as bad as MMA fighters after they’ve been in the octagon (NSFL).

John Cena Broken Nose 1

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