John Cena And Bray Wyatt Trash Talking Each Other In Front Of An Empty Audience Is Completely Cringeworthy

This is too funny.

Coronavirus is affecting everything that’s going on right now with many sporting events and large gatherings being completely cancelled because of it.

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The WWE is one organisation that is kinda continuing to happen though, only the wrestling matches are taking place in empty arenas without the live audience and boy is that making a difference. I hadn’t really ever thought about just how intrinsically important the crowd cheering and booing for each wrestler is to the whole spectacle but if you watch Bray Wyatt trash talking John Cena below then you’ll realise just how integral they are to the spectacle:

Lol. I know that wrestling is all fake and scripted, but it’s really weird/funny seeing these two grown men yelling at each other in an empty arena with nobody there. Makes you think just why these guys feel the need to come down to this empty place and stand around beefing with each other. Really dumb.

Here’s a few of the best comments about it on Twitter:

Lol. Hopefully we’ll see a few more clips like this in the coming weeks of self isolation. Can you imagine how dumb Wrestlemania would be without a crowd? The grandaddy of them all.

For more of the same, check out The Rock vs Mankind in an empty arena. Classic match.


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