Joey Essex Wannabe Is Begging The NHS To Reverse His £50,000 Surgery

Sam Barton

Shall we fund it for him via the NHS (again)?

We’ve featured 23 year old Sam Barton from Birmingham on the site many times before – mainly discussing how he was ‘Britain’s vainest teenager’ and was set to go bankrupt to avoid paying back the £35K he had racked up on his credit cards – and established that he might well be the biggest twat in the entire country.

As with most people like this though, he continues to be the gift that keeps on giving with his latest story, when he’s decided that he no longer wants the plastic surgery that he originally had to make him look more like his idol Joey Essex. Yes, I know – it’s very shocking and surprising.

As such, Sam’s now taken out his false hair, got rid of his Botox and had the plastic filler taken out of his lips. He wants to get rid of the veneers in his teeth – which cost £17,500 – and replace them with ‘a more natural look’ at a cost of £10,000. He also wants a nose job. It’s alright for some eh?

Sam explained his decision:

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Sam Barton Joey Essex

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When I was chasing my dream to look like Joey Essex I was 18.

Now I’m 23 and have grown up. I want my own identity.

He was my idol. I still like Joey Essex, I’ve met him loads of times, but I no longer aspire to look like him.

It is time to go back to a more natural look.

When I finally got the look I craved I realised I was no happier, so now I want to go back to how I looked before.

I want my own identity.

I want to be Sam Barton and not Joey Essex.

Well, I’m glad he’s realised that AFTER he spent £50,000 on surgery to look like Joey Essex. I mean it’s all very well having heroes/inspirations who you want to be like when you’re a kid, but it’s another thing entirely spending that amount of money to look like them. That isn’t going to achieve anything except make everyone you’ll ever meet think you’re a complete and utter twat, whatever you might think.

In any case, I thought people were meant get some kind of psychological assessment before they had plastic surgery to make sure that they weren’t going to do something like this? Whoever sorted that out for this guy obviously messed up big time.

Anyway, it’s safe to say that Sam Barton is one of the biggest morons in the country, if not the world. The sooner he learns to appreciate the value of money the better. I fucking hate him, even more than I hate this freak off Tinder.


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