Joey Barton Tells An Absolutely Ridiculous Story About Sam Allardyce in His New Autobiography


This can’t actually be true, can it?

Sam Allardyce is all over the news at the moment with everyone voicing an opinion about whether he should have left the England job or been allowed to carry on, but one person who has emerged with a slightly different opinion on the issue is Joey Barton, who has decided to reveal this absolutely ridiculous story about the big man from his soon to be released autobiography this week.

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I’ve no idea if this could possibly be true, but get a load of this:


You what Joey? I mean, firstly that whole sight/story is completely ridiculous and secondly why the hell is he even mentioning it? What has it got to do with him or anything that’s even happening in the book at the time? Absolutely nonsensical – surely it can’t be true?

Although in fairness I probably wouldn’t put something so ridiculous past big Sam, especially after everything that’s come out about him this week. I suppose if Joey Barton can be an art critic, then this story could actually be true, right?


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