Joe Rogan Sat Down For A Super Intense Interview With A Girl Who Escaped From North Korea

Must-watch interview.

A few weeks back we wrote about Yeonmi Park; the student who fled North Korea and managed to wind up in an elite American university, where she drew some interesting parallels between ‘woke’ culture in academia and the oppressive tyranny of Kim Jong-un’s regime.

I guess it was only a matter of time before she ended up on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and I have to say it’s a hell of a watch. You wouldn’t wish the horrors that Yeonmi lived through on even your worst enemy; having her appendix removed without anesthetic, seeing bodies of starved north Koreans piling up on the streets, children eating rats, rats eating children, being sold into slavery, watching her mum get raped, seeing her dad imprisoned. It’s absolutely wild:

Here’s another clip on the horrific effects of starvation in North Korea:

Sounds like actual hell on Earth. I don’t even think a dystopian novel has been written that sounds this dystopian. How amazing that she was able to escape the regime (and barely survive in the process) and years later end up on the biggest podcast in the world to raise awareness of the human rights abuses that the mainstream media won’t talk about enough. As Yeonmi states elsewhere in the interview, North Korea’s relationship with China means that western politicians are hesitant to criticise North Korea too harshly, let alone do anything about the atrocious crimes against humanity happening there every single day.

You can catch the full interview on Spotify, or watch another interview she did recently with Jordan Peterson which is equally as jarring:

For a look at the documentary on the women who killed Kim Jong-un’s brother and how they thought they were participating on a TV show, click HERE. Insane.


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