Joe Rogan’s Multi-Year Deal With Spotify Is Worth A LOT Of Money

Holy crap.

You may have heard the big news that Joe Rogan’s podcast is moving to Spotify from September 1st, meaning full episodes will only be available on the music streaming platform whereas only clips will be shared onto his YouTube channel.

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Joe Rogan’s podcast has over 190 million downloads PER MONTH, which is just ridiculous. When I saw that Tweet I wondered how much Spotify could have possibly paid him to leave YouTube, and no number seemed big enough.

Well we now know exactly how much Rogan is making from the deal, and yup, it’s a shit ton:

Over $100 million! Good grief. There’s no turning that down, is there? Rogan also confirmed on his Instagram earlier that there will be no creative input from Spotify whatsoever, and they want him to just keep doing exactly what he wants.

Additional good news is that Spotify acquired the video rights as well, for those who like to watch rather than just listen.

If you’re wondering what picking up the JRE did to Spotify’s stock, check this out from 2 minutes after the announcement was made:

Is Joe Rogan the most powerful man in entertainment? I would say he’s up there on this evidence. It’s fair enough too because the podcast is great and so popular now that there isn’t really a guest on the planet that he couldn’t secure if he wanted to. Sorry YouTube – Spotify have dumped their balls on your face with this one.

For the time people got mad at Joe Rogan for giving his guests coronavirus tests, click HERE. Somehow I don’t think he’s too bothered.


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